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Why Us For Flat Fee MLS?

We are a local business serving Upstate/Central/Western NY & the Finger Lakes since 2002.

Work directly with Robert J. Piazza (Bob), Real Estate Broker/ Owner/ RealtorŪ.  Bob is a "Sales Master Gold" & "Sales Master Platinum" award winning NYS licensed broker with over 33 years of experience in Western & Central NY who has real estate and marketing degrees. Bob is a "for sale by owner" specialist and has established an excellent reputation along with a proven track record.

You know exactly who you are dealing with as we do not refer your listing to a 3rd party MLS provider. We are the direct MLS provider and not a middleman. With us, you are dealing with a fair and honest local business. Northern Star Realty will help you get top dollar for your house and will assist you in making your transaction as smooth as possible.

We have many successful testimonials and local references that are available for your review. We'd like to add you to that list when your house sells! Take a look.

We give you many included features for a very fair and reasonable price. You are getting an excellent value!

We do not do ridiculous lowball bait and switch offers. You pay for what you get by a reputable local broker. We do not upsell add ons either since everything you need is already included in our programs to get your house sold. No nickel and diming here! No confusing menus and options either as we like to keep it simple.

We offer a really good value for this type of service by a seasoned professional and real estate expert. Most likely you would not get service or knowledge of this caliber with many full service RealtorsŪ (We've done that for 33 years and still do).

We give you awesome customer service and marketing support 24/7 including a cell phone number and an email address. You can contact us anytime with questions or concerns.

There are no pushy salesmen/saleswomen to call and pester you about reducing your price or anything else. You are in complete control.

The whole process is designed to be done online. You can list your house online and all paperwork can either be filled out online or you may download the forms to return to us by email or fax. Your choice.

Professional coaching and offer review is included with our Gold Program. One tip could save you thousands, prevent costly mistakes, and/or save you lots of time. Time is money and knowledge is power, both are included with our Flat Fee MLS Programs. We also provide a seller's net sheet for you with our offer review so you know how much cash you will walk way with after all closing costs.

Our programs give you plenty of time to get it sold so renewal fees are not an issue (Gold). Most listings are long gone (sold) before the expiration date unless something is not quite right with the house like it's overpriced or there are showing issues.

We give you pricing assistance with your property with a written CMA report if you need it. We supply you the facts to make an informed decision instead of just "winging it".

We will save you many thousands of dollars by not collecting a listing commission. If you do the math, an average $150,000 house saves you $4,500 in commissions, a $200,000 house saves you $6,000, a $300,000 house saves you $9,000 and so on. There is no 3% commission to us for listing the house, just the one time flat fee. Remember the only commission you might pay is 2-3% to the buyer's broker and you decide.

We allow you to sell to your own buyer without paying any commissions (FSBO), something you can't do with a full service listing. You have a decent chance at saving the whole commission too with all the exposure you will be getting. Many of our of our sellers have sold FSBO without paying any commissions.

We offer a special 100% money back guarantee if you ever want to go with a full service broker. Your choice of broker or even us.

Our listing agreement can be canceled at any time and for any reason. No questions asked. You are in total control.

Bottom line- We will help you get your house sold with the MLS, major real estate websites, experience, coaching, and great service. You retain more of your equity and save many thousands in the process.

"Experience, Integrity, Value"


Rochester 585-392-8222
Buffalo       716-240-4825
Syracuse   315-760-4594
Albany        866-781-1296
Toll Free     866-781-1296
Email  northernstarrealty@gmail.com

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