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Robert J. Piazza reviews                      

Here are some of our recent  Flat Fee MLS testimonials. These sellers all saved thousands of dollars with our Flat Fee MLS service. You can save too! Why pay 6% commission when you don't have to? We can show you how to get your property sold and save thousands. Our customer service reviews speak for themselves too. You will be glad you found us and be a happy seller! If you would like to contact any of these previous customers, please let us know and we will provide you the owners contact information (with their permission).


Dear Robert, Thank you for all of your help as we sold my Mom's house as " For Sale By Owner."  You were very responsive to all of my questions and made sure that all of my paperwork was done correctly before we could have encountered potential problems.  You made the process so easy with your detailed directions and your e-mail contacts with me.  We had 3 calls within minutes of you putting the house on the MLS and we had a buyer within 5 days.  We sold the house in record time! Thank you again. I would highly recommend your service to anyone who is thinking of selling their house "For Sale By Owner."

Pam Mastrobattisto        Minoa, NY   2/18

"I used Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty in a limited service agreement to help sell my house on MLS without enlisting a full-service Realtor. This allowed me to be hands-on and not pay for services that I didn't want. Bob's excellent website combined with his response to email questions made the entire process flow very smoothly. I have zero complaints, and I fully recommend using Bob's flat fee MLS listing service for the subset of sellers that are confident in their ability to research, stage, and market there own properties. You can save big $. A lot of Realtors will try using scare tactics to deter potential clients from using flat fee services but a lot of that is just silly! If you're on the fence about flat fee, give Bob a shot to help serve you."
Brent H.                          Cicero, NY  1/18

Fast and professional service for listing our house on the MLS. We were able to save a few thousand $$. This is a perfect way for FSBO sellers to get great market exposure. Thank you Bob Piazza
JoAnn Bygall                   Syracuse, NY  1/18

We listed our home through Northern Star Realty and offered a 3% commission to any realtor who brought us a buyer. We kept the ability to sell the home directly without a commission however. Just a week after listing the home we had a buyer who saw the listing and contacted us directly. We sold the home for $250,000 and saved about $7,500 (actually it was $14,705 after the flat fee since there was no listing commission either. RP) in commissions by acting as our own sales people. During the listing process Robert was great to work with and always responded ‭immediately to any questions we had. He made the overall process pretty much pain-free.
Tom and Karen S.           Manlius, NY  12/17

We used Northern Star to sell our home in Buffalo and they are great to deal with. By using them we saved a good amount of money which helped us overall. Just a really good experience and would highly recommend to anyone that is selling a home.
John June                      Buffalo, NY  12/17

At first I thought why not take a chance. Well it really does work. We saved $5400. It was easy. It was put on the mls on Friday and we had a offer on Monday. We put the house in real estate for 6 months and nothing happened. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to sell their house.
Ron Drake                     Henrietta, NY    12/17

"Robert was knowledgeable and very attentive; he answered our emails timely and was available at all times. I was nervous using a non-traditional method but with the money saved I would highly recommend Robert J. Piazza; in fact, my sister just listed with him!"
Brenda M.                      Niskayuna, NY  11/17

"Mr. Piazza could not have made the sale process any easier! He was always prompt and knowledgeable in answering our (many!) questions. We highly recommend him and his FSBO MLS service."
Elenor W.                      Fairport, NY   11/17

"I saved over $4,000.00 by listing my house with Bob, the process was not time consuming and quite easy! I would recommend everyone list their house this way!"
Lynn B.                         Greece, NY    10/17

"Robert has a very good flat fee MLS service. Fill out the easy to follow forms and you are on MLS in a heartbeat. Robert is an expert in the process and his responsiveness can't be beat! His system is straightforward and easy to use. Status updates (change in price, pending, back on market after a failed closing, etc.) were all very quick and super easy. Very professional."
Rick L.                          Fayetteville, NY    10/17

"I would highly recommend using Robert Piazza to assist with a FSBO. I used Bob's services to list our home on the MLS and it was fantastic! The cost was very reasonable and in the end we saved thousands of dollars! Bob was very responsive."
Danielle B.                      Farmington NY        9/17

"Robert is an expert in his field, but what made him extra special to me was his responsiveness. There are times when you need that expert in your corner and the sooner you get information the better. Robert seemed to know this fact well and always did his very best to communicate with me in a timely manner. Thank you Robert, for guiding me through this deal and saving me thousands of dollars!"
Robert C.                         West Henrietta, NY    9/17

"Robert's service exceeded my expectations. I found him to be very responsive and informative and save you a ton of money! This is a no brainer in my opinion."
John Ilijevski                      Webster, NY         9/17

Northern Star Realty was an excellent choice. We sold our home without a realtor, saving us thousands of dollars, yet had the reassurance and help of Bob to ask questions, review documents, and be there for us throughout the process. Bob was extremely responsive throughout the process and we couldn't be more pleased with his service!"
Katie B.                            Averill Park, NY      9/17

Before listing my house on Zillow or through the MLS I did lots of research into comparable properties in order to decide how much to sell it for.  I then met with 3 different Realtors in my home to discuss using them as potential listing agent.  All 3 of them told me that I had overpriced my house by at least $25k - $40k and that if I wanted to sell it I was going to need to finish the basement.  I didn't believe them.  I asked each Realtor what value they would bring to me as a listing agent.  They all basically told me the same thing ... we will take pictures, list your property on the mls, and market your property.  When pressed further what their marketing plan was, none of them had a very good answer beyond listing the house and hosting open houses. Sorry but in my mind that is not worth 6%. I can do those things myself for much less cost. Instead I took my own photos, listed the house on Zillow myself at the price I chose, and I paid Robert a flat fee of $395 to list my house through MLS.  I had multiple offers on the house within a week. Robert was available weekends and after hours to consult with me as to the particulars of the offers. I accepted an offer within $12k of the asking price within 2 weeks of listing and closed 55 days later.
Don't overpay to sell your house.  There is not a realtor in Buffalo that is worth 6% of your money.  In the end I found buyers that also did not have an agent and the only agent fee I had to pay was $395 to Robert.  That to me seems completely reasonable. In my opinion the other realtors I met with only cared about how fast my house would sell and getting their piece of the commission. They did not care about finding the best buyer for me. Thank you Robert for your great and affordable services. Flat Fee listing is the best way to sell your house in Western New York because "IT WORKS!"
Jacob K.                                  Clarence NY  8/17

"Did a flat fee listing and Bob was awesome! Helped me sell my house myself and answered all my questions and concerns. The flat fee was amazing and he went above and beyond for me !"
Chris R.                          Auburn, NY  8/17

"Hello Robert,
I wanted to send you a note to thank you again, so much, for the service you provide. I knew our home would sell quickly given the location, condition and price point. I felt as though listing for a full 6% commission would not be necessary in our case. I was willing to pay a buyer's agent the 3%, which we did. Our home sold in one day! Putting it on the web, on SO many sites, through your service was just what we needed! The fact that it was so easy and I was able to add multiple pictures just made it that much sweeter of a deal! I don't really believe that most people view the newspaper for real estate listings anymore. The internet is the only place one needs to advertise these days, in my opinion. Sorry, D&C. Your service was quick, effective and reasonably priced. We went for the first option since I didn't need much guidance on the transaction, but the higher service option would be great for some people. You were very kind to respond to my initial questions so fast, especially since you were out of town! I couldn't have asked for a cleaner more pleasant experience than I got working with you!! It was just perfect in every way! Thank you again!!"
P.S......feel free to give anyone my contact information if they are not sure about working with you.....I will give you a glowing recommendation!! On a scale of 1-10 you are a 15!! AND, you can publish this on Zillow as well if you want to!
Deb Iezzi                          Greece, NY    8/17

"Bob was mega awesome during the whole process. He is very responsive, answered all our questions very quickly through email and phone and got our listing put up in a jiffy. He did everything we needed to do and we saved a boatload of money, at least $4000+. If we were selling another property, we'd immediately have him help us again! When he says doing newspaper open house ads is fairly useless, he is right :) We tried a round or two of ads and it was useless. Doing open houses and having them posted on Zillow, etc was great and having the listing accessible to all the realtors everywhere was the key. Stick with the open houses, be available to receiving calls from buyer agents, be open to reducing the price if you aren't getting enough activity and you'll sell too!"
Scott M.                         Amsterdam, NY  8/17

"Bob is flat out awesome. When attacking the for-sale by owner market, it is difficult and daunting to do everything on your own. Bob helped to provide maximum exposure to the MLS and online listing world with professional assistance. When we had questions, prompt and thoughtful feedback was given. We saved a large amount of money by listing with Bob and our home sold in two days. Thank you for everything Bob, it was truly a pleasure."
Matt P.                           Tully, NY   7/17

"What a wonderful experience we had in selling our house with the help of Robert Piazza!! Bob has designed a wonderful, simple process for listing FSBO properties. We felt well served and 100% supported during the listing, showing and marketing of our home. We had a few questions as we proceeded. Bob was right there for us with answers in less than an hour in most cases. I highly recommend Bob and Northern Star Reality. Thank you many times over!"
Chris Q.                         Schenectady, NY  7/17

"Working with Robert to list our for sale by owner was the best money we could have spent. We listed on a Monday and were under contract on Thursday- saving of course the realtor commission! All calls from prospective buyers were made to my phone and I set up viewings. Robert was great with changes to listing and very responsive to any and all questions. I would recommend him 100 times over. Great experience!!!"
Kelly Gabamonte             Buffalo, NY  7/17

"Robert did a great job. He offered me the opportunity to sell my own home, and was there to answer any questions along the way. He made the process simple and easy. He also was able to provide solid advice for situations that arose. Thank you Robert"
Mike D.                           Rochester, NY    7/17

"Northern Star Realty was recommended to me by my neighbor and I'm really glad it was. Bob was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the home selling process. His service allowed us to save over $10k on the sale of our home. He is always available by phone or email and gives sound, un-biased advice. As long as you as the seller are willing to put in just a little extra effort, you too can save thousands on the sale of your home; Bob will be with you every step of the way. I unequivocally recommend Northern Star Realty to any home seller. Thanks again and as mentioned I've already recommended you to a few friends. Take care!"
Matt Z.                            Chili, NY              7/17

I used Northern Star Realty to act solely as a listing broker in the sale of my condo in Clifton Park. I wasn't sure I would have enough equity in the property to hire a Realtor and I felt confident that I could put in some effort on my end and save a little $$. I just closed on my property, it was only on the market for a few weeks before I had an offer. I am highly impressed with Bob and his team at Northern. They are professional, always willing to answer calls and/questions, and provide guidance, if necessary. There is no other flat service MLS agency I would recommend over Northern. Do yourself a favor, hire them today, you will save thousands! Thanks, Bob! -
Jenny Trotta                    Clifton Park, NY         7/17

"Mr. Piazza was easy to work with. He made the whole process work smoothly. The best part of the sale was his fast response to our questions and how quickly and accurately he updated the MLS listing. He was also excellent at immediately forwarding all leads and feedback to me. I highly recommend Northern Star."
Marie Lawrence               Greenfield Center, NY  7/17

"Robert Piazza helped make my home selling experience a breeze! I tried to sell by myself for 7 months with no luck but after hearing about the flat rate service Bob offers we had an offer on our house within 30 days. The option to have Bob there for questions is so worth it. He was always professional and courteous and got back to me immediately while keeping my best interests in mind. If you want to save the money you deserve to have in your pocket you would be crazy not to try this!!! Thanks again Bob!"
Dave Sohns                   Baldwinsville, NY   6/17

"Extremely helpful, answered all my questions very quickly. Double checked all entries for accuracy. Offered an honest opinion on offers. I plan on using Rob again!"
Matt C.                         Brockport, NY  6/17

"I contacted Bob Piazza a couple weeks before I listed. He answered all my questions, and provided all the documents I needed to complete. There was no pressure to list. Once listed, my condo sold in 3 weeks. Bob was responsive to all my questions, and provided professional guidance throughout the whole process. Bob made a daunting experience (of selling) a completely enjoyable one. I highly recommend Bob to get your listings on the MLS and save thousands of dollars. "
Deb Greiner                 East Syracuse, NY   6/17

"We used Bob as a flat fee listing agent to sell our home. He answered our numerous questions immediately and helped us sort through and negotiate multiple offers. I would highly recommend Bob for this service. It saved us a ton of money."
Brian C.                        Jamesville, NY   6/17

"Robert helped sell 2602 Campbell Ave for me. His unique process for helping you sell on your own is better than anybody I have seen doing it. Fill out easy paperwork online and your property is on the MLS in no time. Process is so simple why pay another realtor 2.5% to 3% extra commission to use a fax machine. Be smart save money!"
Christopher Malizia        Schenectady, NY    6/17

"We contacted Bob to put us on MLS as a FSBO. He was extremely helpful, especially navigating the technical aspect of it. We were up and running that same day and had an offer within a week of being put on MLS. It was a great experience."
Leslie Kraus                 Syracuse, NY       5/17

Doing business with Bob was an exceptional experience. I used Bob's flat rate service from Northern Star Realty to sell 4 separate properties. I originally considered a traditional broker. After significant research and a conversation with Bob, I chose his gold flat fee listing service. I found Bob extremely available and his advice tremendously valuable. He’s highly experienced, was quick and thorough with answers to my questions and provided guidance to help me through the entire process. I highly recommend Bob and this service; he helped me with quick sales and substantial savings resulted with the flat fee and not paying 4 property sale commissions.
Dave N.                          Syracuse, NY     5/17

Great experience working with Robert, anyone looking to save alot of money by not hiring a traditional Realtor but still have your house marketed to the same audience, highly recommend Robert, it was easy.
Maggie Werts                  Cicero, NY  4/17

We extensively debated using a traditional broker vs For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and found Bob's solution to be the perfect solution. His assistance in setting up the optimal buyer's broker commission was important to the amount of activity we had on our house. Bob was very responsive to answering questions and guiding us through the entire process. We did benefit from knowing many local RE brokers in our area to help price our house right but I would highly recommend Bob to others interested in an alternative to the traditional RE business structure for selling your house.
E. Burnett                       Albany, NY  4/17

This is a no-brainer! I had a great house to sell and knew that it would ‘sell itself’, but was wary of the online MLS services. I really wanted a person to deal with. I found Bob (Northern Star Realty) via a google search for local flat-rate MLS, and I could not be happier with the process. Bob is a true professional, honest as they come, and offers a wealth of great advice. We had 5 calls the first day and more in days to come. The house was under contract to sell about two weeks. Easy!! I would highly recommend Bob to anyone who has a home to sell!
Jo Beth B.                          Avon, NY 4/17

"Awesome service, this is the second time he's helped me save thousands in commissions. ..will use again...worth it!! Little effort on your part equals great savings!!"
Jon C.                               Auburn, NY 4/17

When we first went to sell our home, we were skeptical about selling it ourselves. However, after signing up with Bob's service, we realized how simple it was to go through the steps to sell a home. Bob was helpful throughout the whole process. Within two months, my wife and I had an offer and closed in March on our home. We are completely satisfied. Don't waste your time and money with an agent, use one of Northern Star Realty's packages and you'll thank yourself that you did.
Eric M.                                Wynantskill, NY    3/17

We used Bob's services from Northern Star Realty to supplement our sale by owner. For a Small flat fee he had us listed in the MLS and also merged into a Zillow listing. We had numerous showings with realtors (we offered a Small buyer broker fee) who found us with the MLS listing. We set an open  house which he added to the listings. That resulted in about 30 families coming through. He was available for input on the contract and other information. We sold our home almost immediately without a seller broker fee. We did use the gold service which for $395 provided substantial assistance and listing service compared to a percentage of the home sale. I strongly recommend selling by owner with this service.
Doug Fisher                         Slingerlands, NY 3/17

I recently used the Flat Fee MLS service from Northern Star Realty and cannot say enough good about the service. Not only did I save money but Robert Piazza was quick with replies and helped nudge me along in an environment I really knew nothing about. I would strongly recommend his services. My house sold in three days, received multiple offers and he helped me decipher which was the best and why.
Robyn Whittaker                     Webster, NY     3/17

"Thanks Robert. You always picked up the phone, quickly responded to my emails, answered all my questions, and saved me a lot of time and money. Much appreciated!"
Don Y.                                   Henrietta, NY  2/17

I sold my property as FSBO and needed someone to do an MLS flat fee listing. I found Robert online and he turned out to be a great pick, he did an excellent job and was very responsive, especially to numerous changes in the listing and open house updates.
Todd W.                                Hamburg, NY   2/17

After dealing with an unresponsive flat fee listing service, I searched for a local realtor and found Northern Star flat fee realty service. I can't tell you how nice it is to work with someone who is very responsive and helpful in answering questions. I've recommended his services to several people. If you have the time and energy to put into selling your home, Northern Star Realty's flat fee MLS service is the place to list!
Chris B.                                 Newark, NY  2/17 

Bob, thank you so much for your help and your services. My parents saved thousands and the process was smooth and quick. I'll admit at first I thought it was going to be a difficult process but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it really was! Your website explained everything in detail and anytime I had a question You Always responded quickly. It was actually less stressful using your service.  You could put realtors out of business!! (full service).  I will definitely use your service again in the future and recommend to anyone who is thinking of selling their house. Thanks 
Julie  M.                                               Syracuse, NY    2/17 

We have used Robert (Bob) Piazza and his company Northern Star Real Estate to sell our flips using his awesome flat fee listing service. We relocated back into the Rochester area a couple of years ago and have sold 3 homes through Bob. Our last flip sold for full asking price in less than 6 hours !! We are finishing our current flip and we plan on listing it with Bob. If you are listing your home and want to save thousands of dollars, I highly suggest that you use Bob and his Flat Fee Listing service. Bob has been there to assist us during the sale of our properties with his knowledge and experience together with the tools he offers. (ie: CMA, FSBO forms, etc) Believe me when I tell you, you will sell your house, quickly, and save lots of money!!! Good Luck on the sale of your home !!!
Karen H.
                                   Gates, NY    1/17

I was extremely satisfied with the service we received from Robert Piazza. He was always there to answer our calls personally and assisted us with any questions we had. He was very accessible and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him. Five Stars!!
Rhonda M.                                 Webster, NY    11/16

We had a contract that we accepted within 1 week's time. Bob's process of getting you on MLS is easy. The best thing was saving $'s about 3% worth. Bob did a great job in supporting us and answering key questions along the way. We had some challenges along the way and the appraisal was not what we expected, but the advice from Bob was good and allowed us to make the best decisions for the deal. Bob's flyers were nice and professional and we put them in our box on our sign and in the home for buyers to take one and remember the home. Overall satisfied use his service and processes again and would recommend this process and Bob in the future.
Todd & Merlinda G.                 Baldwinsville, NY   11/16

I would highly recommend Robert J. Piazza to anyone who is selling their home. He helped me thought the process of listing my home, setting a fair price and gave me good council so that helped sell the house in 2 days. In my opinion his flat rate service is the only way to sell a home.
David Stenglein                         Ontario, NY        11/16

I highly recommend this service. The on-line forms were easy to file. The property listed appeared on all major real estate sites within a few hours. Pictures were very clear. All supporting necessary documentation was also included. I would use this service again without hesitation.
Dave C.                                                Tonawanda, NY       11/16

This was my first time experience with a web based realtor, Northern Star Realty. Robert was extremely responsive when I had questions regarding the web based process. We were able to sell our house in 2 weeks and saved a substantial amount of money. I recommend Robert Piazza and Northern Star Realty.
Dan S.                                     Baldwinsville, NY    11/16

Mr. Piazza was a very wonderful person to work with. He was right there for any questions I had or changes I needed. I highly recommended him to my neighbor who is looking to sell her house.
Dale C.                                   West Monroe, NY  10/16

Robert Piazza was referred to us from a homeowner who sold his home in less that two weeks through his MLS Flat Fee Service. We purchased the $395.00 package. Robert guided us through the process and provided a for sale sign, all necessary forms, a colorful summary sheet with pictures for us to provide interested parties, sign in sheets for open houses, an app for scheduling appointments, and guidance for handling the sale ourselves. He was very responsive to calls, and our requested updates to the MLS listing were done within hours. We too, accepted a contract for the sale of our home within two weeks. He really knows the real estate process.
Karen L.                                  Latham, NY   10/16

My wife and I sold our house on our own and used Northern Star Realty to help advertise our house.. Bob was allot of help and once we listed our house though Northern Star, we saw a dramatic increase in phone calls and viewings scheduled for our house.
Stephen G.                              Irondequoit, NY  10/16     

Thinking about selling your own home? Do it. The days of 6-8% reality fees are over, cut them over 1/2 to 2-3% and sell your own home on your terms. This was a great service that saved me over $6,000 selling my own home. Robert is very professional and answered any and all questions I had about this. His service did well and my local realtor who wanted to sell my home tried to dissuade me from selling my own home. I knew I needed more than a basic MLS listing service and Northern Star Realty provides a lot more to help you sell your own home.
Jim U.                                    Lockport, NY 10/16

Bob provided excellent service and guidance. His responsiveness via email was beyond my expectations. He made the process very easy. We were very happy with his Flat Fee MLS service. Thanks Bob!
Tim M.,                                   Buffalo, NY 9/16

Bob provided an easy service from the start. He helped when I wanted but left me alone if I was good. Perfect for what I wanted. On the spot with any request I had.
Jamie B.,                                 Victor, NY  9/16

We used Northern Star Realty to list our home, and we sold our home in 4 days! We were so pleased with their service and helping us save money on realtor commission. Robert is so easy to work with, helping us through everything we needed, and even answering his phone right away when I called to ask questions. I highly recommend using Northern Star Realty to sell your home, and I would in the future if need be. Do not use a Realtor (full service), use Northern Star Realty!
Jen Faba                                  Syracuse, NY  9/16   

Bob provides an excellent service. We were very happy with his service and communication. We sold our house 3 days after listing with his Flat Fee MLS service. Easy process!
Chris F.                                   Lockport, NY  8/16

"Robert is an excellent source of real estate knowledge and provided efficient, effective and professional real estate assistance when selling my house. I am appreciative of the money which we were able to save using the flat fee realty. We had full service assistance by using Robert as our broker. He was very responsive in timeliness and answer to each item I wrote. Thank you, Robert! I hope we will be able to use your services again."
Cynthia Smith                           Mendon, NY 8/16

Robert helped me list and sell my home. Excellent service, fast reply to any questions we had. We saved $7000 with this flate rate fee service! Highly recommended.
Muna M.                                  Amherst, NY 8/16

Robert helped me list and sell my home. Fast reply to any questions we had. Gave me his suggestions. Looked over the contract to check for red flags. We saved a lot of money with this flat fee service!
Sharon C.                                Wilton, NY  8/16

After having a not-so- wonderful experience with the sale of our previous house & in attending open houses with little or no input from the majority of the agents, we knew that we needed to sell
our current house ourselves. In researching several local FSBO agencies, Bob Piazza's service was the most comprehensive & very well priced. But, the real bonus, was that Bob was beyond helpful with our paperwork stumbles & myriad of questions. The thorough listings on all the popular sites helped us get the right offer & be done with the actual selling in 31 days. Thank you, Bob. We highly recommend Northern Star!
Barb & Mike Deuel,                     Avon, NY  8/16

When we first decided to sell our property, we first signed a contract and listed our home with an agent who was with a realty company that was well known throughout the state. During the contract, we were under the obligation to pay this realtor a high commission if our home did sell. Through the course of the six month contract and learning about how the real estate selling service(s) works we found many, many mistakes that occurred and we felt there was an overall lack of service. Such as listing incorrect dates of "Open House", showing incorrect pictures in ads, waiting, waiting and waiting for return calls for information and feedback, etc. We just weren't getting the service we expected. It was almost a good thing that our home didn't sell before the contract ran out. Winter set in and we decided we would re-list our property the following spring. After learning what we did through our past "realtor" experience and during that downtime, we interviewed multiple other realtors and asked a ton of questions and received their proposals. We decided that we could sell our home just as easy if we could only get our place listed on ML. So, we looked online for information regarding "For Sale by Owner" to find a company who would list our home for a flat rate and found Northern Star Realty. We listed it with Bob P. at that low flat rate. We really weren't sure what to expect because the flat rate was so low. His knowledge and guidance throughout the process was amazing! The video and ML sheet listing of our home by Northern Star was so impressive and Bob quickly answered any questions that arose. Our property listed on many websites and we got so many more "hits" in the first month than we did when we were under the six month contract with another realtor. We sold our home for our asking price and realized a cost savings of over $8600.00 by not having to pay a commission. This was phenomenal! We are so glad we didn't have to pay a commissioned realtor the high fee for actually doing very little throughout the process. Bob was always behind the scenes to help us along and gave us more guidance and answered more questions than we ever expected for a flat fee listing. We would highly recommend using Northern Star services to list your property and would list again with Northern Star in a heartbeat!
Rick & Georgia L.,                       Youngstown, NY   7/16

Great way to save on seller's agent fees if you are prepared to do a bit of work. Bob was great and very responsive! Helped us assess the worthiness of our offers and made sure the process ran smooth.
Josh Kristoff                                 Manlius, NY   7/16

The service provided by Robert is second to none. Its concise, professional, and to the point. Once you complete the required information Robert takes it from there. All it requires is your time, professional pictures, and Roberts expertise to hit the MLS and have instant exposure to the Realty community at large. We had offers on our home in record time. Lastly, you won't believe how affordable Roberts service is. We highly recommend him.
John & Bonnie P.                           Schenectady NY  7/16

Bob was very helpful in helping me to set up my listing and getting it into the MLS. He is very knowledgeable about the process and I would recommend him above any other flat fee listing agent.
Brad B.                                          Pittsford, NY  7/16

This is the second time we have used Northern Star Realty with great results! Bob is very helpful and quick to respond. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is looking to get the most money out of their property. Will definitely use Bob for all of our future real estate needs.
Jill Zizzo                                       Ogden, NY  7/16

I want to say how pleased we were with working with Bob, he is very timely on getting back to us with any emails or phone calls, his flat rate fee is affordable and he had our listing up and running in a day or so and we sold our property with our first open house. My husband and I are house flippers and we would be happy to work with Bob again.
Bonnie & Robert G.                       Spencerport, NY  7/16

Doing business with Bob was truly a joy. Not only is he highly experienced, he responds to questions super-fast and guided me through some pretty tricky issues. It was a great relief to be able to get his take on a certain offer that neither he nor my attorney could advise my taking, for that way I had many solid reasons to give the prospective buyer for not accepting it.
We did find a qualified buyer and continued to get Bob's helpful review of all aspects of a complicated sale. I highly recommend Bob and felt that he was more than worth the fee. He saved my sanity and possibly thousands upon thousands!
Lonnie Chu                                     Syracuse, NY  7/16

Bob helped me list my property In Wyoming County and it sold in 3 weeks above list price! His listing service was fast, convenient and user friendly. He was professional throughout the process and responded to needs very quickly.
Nate A.                                Castile, NY     7/16

“I worked with Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty to list my property on Otisco lake. For a one time fee I was able to list the property myself and it sold within a couple months. I had several realtors call me with offers so the word was definitely out there. I ended up saving $4,200 by using Bob’s MLS listing program. It was very easy to use and Bob checked in with me several times to see how things were going with the listing. I couldn’t be happier that I chose Bob and Northern Star.”
Jim  C.                                Marcellus, NY   6/16

Bob did a great job helping us sell our house. He was very responsive to any and all questions. I would absolutely recommend his services over any other FSBO service.
Kurt Moeckel                       Glenville, NY 6 16

Robert listed my house as a flat rate fee to list my property. The property was a tricky one with some issues. Robert continued to help with the process the entire way going well above and beyond what he had to do. Save yourself thousands in commission and hire him. He makes the process so easy. Wouldn't use anyone else.
Chris M.,                            Schenectady, NY  6/16

I used the limited service MLS program. Robert's responsiveness via email and text and voice was beyond my expectations. He made the process very easy. Not having to pay a standard sellers agent commission allowed me the flexibility to lower the price, sell quickly, and forgo remorse on the selling for less. The largest anxiety for me was a starting price. The home was over improved in a location that is difficult to comp. I leaned on buyers agents and those who came to open houses to get a feel on price. Not ideal. However, I knew I could be up to 3% wrong and still end up ahead.
Drew S.                               Rush, NY       6/16

Right from the start I was impressed Northern Star Realty (and specifically Bob Piazza). I was a little nervous of going the FSBO route but they really make it very straight forward. My listing was up and part of the online listings within hours. He was great at answering questions along the way...all the way to the sale and negotiation questions that I had. I saved a little over $5K in realtor fees and would do it again in a second (with Northern Star right by my side). Thanks again Bob and team!
CarolAnne K.                      Fairport, NY  6/16

Our experience was great! Robert was there to answer any questions we had and responded quickly. We saved thousands of equity in our home by using his service. Highly recommend if you are able to take agents/buyers phone calls and all you have to do once listed is set up times to show your home. Robert will look over your offers and give you the bottom lines.....but you should definitely hire a lawyer because you will need one to close anyway... Highly recommend this way of selling your home with Robert!!!
Mike & Emily B.                  Brewerton, NY 6/16

We used Bobs service to list our for sale by owner after being disappointed with our realtor. Our realtor had bad pic and no showings. Bob helped me thru the paperwork to list, it was easy to email my excellent pictures [lol] and he always responded to my questions. He was an excellent realtor!
Patti Clark                           Bradford, NY  5/16

Bob was very responsive and answered every email within minutes. Saved thousands on commission. Would definitely use Bob's service again. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and is willing to share.
Jon Welch                            Canandaigua NY  5/16

Bob made the process easy. He responded to all my questions promptly and was very helpful in getting things set up and reviewing my offers. I would highly recommend using his services for FSBO.
Dan Dwyer                           Lake George, NY  5/16

Listing my house was made easy by Bob Piazza. It was up on all the mls sites in a day. I opted to pay a 3% realtors fee instead of 6% and saved $5,700. I don't know why anyone would not use this service when selling their house.
Robert M.,                                 Cobleskill, NY  4/16

Bob was extremely helpful in the sale of our home. His knowledge and thoroughness caught and corrected misinformation that I gave him, he took the initiative to fix it immediately. He was very prompt in his responses and I would recommend him.
Shelley H.,                                Baldwinsville, NY  4/16

I have used Bob twice for selling of my own home. He is always there for you and will assist in every possible way. I saved thousands of dollars working with Bob and his knowledge of real estate has made for a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend working with him on the sale of your own property. He is always there for you. I sold one in 2010 another in 2015. Many thanks to you Bob. Sincerely,
Cathy H.,                                   Rochester, NY  4/16

When I completed the renovation on my first flip I was looking for someone to ML list it for me. After some research I decided to try Bob. It was the best decision I could have made. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and professional to the highest degree. It took me a little time to get my bearings but Bob was very helpful and patient with all aspects of the process. I was fortunate enough to have my second flip ready shortly after the first so everything went even better. Both homes sold very quickly. The second one in less than 24hrs for full asking price! The money I saved on the listing is paying for our entire trip to Europe this Summer. THANKS BOB
Ron McKenica                          Amherst, NY   4/16

Very good, knowledgeable realtor. Listed my house in MLS through him and sold it. Very quick, efficient service. Robert responded to all of my inquiries almost immediately. Always on top of things.
Grazina M.,                       Webster, NY 3/16

The first time I tried selling my house by owner I had no luck. I knew that I needed my home listed on the MLS, and Bob's service through Northern Star Realty provided the perfect amount of service without any gimmicks. I invested the extra hundred dollars to give myself the flexibility to change the listing as much as I needed. Although I didn't end up needing to change it, the money was well spent because of the numerous phone calls I needed to make to Bob during the negotiation process. I'd recommend his services to anyone out thinking about selling by owner. It's the perfect set-up for someone who has the time and patience to sell by owner, and the desire to save on broker fees.
Patrick O.                          Clay, NY     3/16

We found it all with Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty - FLAT FEE LISTING !!!! My husband and I flipped homes in New Orleans for 10+ years prior to moving back "Home" to Rochester approximately 2 years ago. We plan to continue flipping homes and were searching for a Broker that we could build a long term relationship with - a Broker who is professional, knowledgeable, efficient, reliable, helpful, patient AND offers a FLAT FEE LISTING! (Bob had to hold my hand through filling out some of the paperwork - welcome back to NY !!). Which Bob did while remaining patient ! Bob has helped us sell 2 homes, we currently also have land for sale through him and we WILL be listing another "flip" soon - all in approx. 2 years. If you are looking to save major $$ by listing with a FLAT FEE Broker, and you want it to go as smoothly as possible, in our opinion you couldn't make a better choice than listing with Bob/Northern Star Realty. TRULY, one of our BEST decisions !! THANKS, BOB !!!!
Karen & Marty H.,                Rochester, NY  2/16

Everything went great using the Flat Rate MLS Service. Very smooth transaction beginning to end, and we sold the house quickly. Excellent communication on Bob's end. Highly recommended and will use again. Thanks, Bob!
Catherine S.,                  Buffalo, NY      2/16

"Using Bob's flat fee service translates into saving several thousand dollars for anyone that has a good head on their shoulders. Bob gives you the confidence you need to sell your house without relying on a selling agent that will take 3% of your sale price. Based on the time of year, state of the market, style of your home and many other factors he'll suggest what % to offer buyers agents in order to generate traffic through your home. Some folks may be in a position that they don't have to offer anything to a buying agent, others may get away with 1-2%. In my case, he suggested offering 3% as it was late November and folks just aren't looking to buy. He also explained the best day/timeframe to host an open house. His plan worked flawlessly as I had multiple agents contact me the day of listing and ended up selling to the first couple that came with their agent, the day of showing. Full price offer with a $5000 down payment, within hours of the open house. Bob reviewed the offer and responded immediately that I should move on it. Paperwork was signed the next day. Bob then walked me through all the key items for the next two months and stuck with me until closing was complete. I'd really encourage you to use the Gold package. The extra $100 saves you thousands with peace of mind the whole way through."
Marc A.,                                Lakeview, NY     2/16

Working with Robert Piazza was amazing. After a year of not selling our house with an agent my husband and I decided to give Robert’s services a try. He is very responsive and organized. We were able to list our house and have an offer in a few months. You really are able to sell your house on your own and not having to deal with an agent who is more interested in their commission then actually selling your house. I would recommend Robert’s services to anyone and will use him again. Best decision we made. Wish we had done it a year earlier.
Danielle Fredricks                   Troy, NY      2/16

Wonderful Experience! This was my first at selling a home. I found the provided online help, tips and guides to be extremely informative and helpful, such that the first two viewings turned into 4 offers, and ultimately sold our home in less than a week! This was surely in part that I spent several days getting the listing photos correct (sun in the windows of each room, bright outdoors, and removing clutter that showed in pictures), plus we always had all the lights on and cookies fresh from the oven just as viewers arrived. Bob often answered his phone directly, always returned a call or E-mail the same day, and was able to answer all our questions clearly along the way.
Alan H.                               Albany NY         1/16

Working with Bob Piazza was wonderful. He helped us with the listing, answered questions and was very knowledgeable. We sold and closed on our home in about 2 1/2 months from time of listing. That is really good. I highly recommend his services.
Joan L.,                              Camden, NY       1/16

We highly recommend Bob Piazza. He had our listing up quickly and was very helpful whenever we had questions or needed his expertise. He was very prompt in his responses and we were very impressed. We are so grateful we found Northern Star Realty as we saved some significant $$. Thank you.
Jennifer S.,                        Lockport, NY        1/16

We couldn't have been happier with out choice to pick Robert Piazza to list our parents' estate property. He was very knowledgeable and responded quickly to all of our questions and concerns. He did a very thorough comparative market analysis for our property so that we knew what price we should be listing it for. He also gave us his input on on a buyer's perspective when looking at homes. When we received an offer for our property, he responded immediately to our questions on what we needed to do. He walked us through everything and explained the potential problems or delays that could come up with the type of loan that our buyers were applying for, so that we knew what to expect and what to ask about. I would highly recommend Robert Piazza to anyone I knew who wanted to list their property, and I would use him again myself if I had a need to list another property.
Carmen P.                       Webster, NY      12/15

Best one we've ever worked with. He answered our questions quickly, made it so simple, put the pictures in the order we wanted. In short, he made the process exceedingly easy - which is what we wanted it to be as sellers ourselves.
Trent S.                            Pittsford, NY        12/15

Great experience using Northern Star Realty to sell our house. We saved approximately $3500 by using the flat fee service and got a lot of exposure immediately. Our questions were always answered quickly and the process was very easy.
Keara J.                         Cheektowaga, NY   12/15

Bob's guidance and assistance has been worth so much more than the flat fee I paid. I have never encountered a more helpful, professional, competent individual in any field. Bob answered every single question promptly and always gave me excellent advice. This level of customer service is rare. Bob's involvement in my home sale was by far the most pleasant part of the entire experience. 
Kate G.                          Clarence, NY          11/15

The way to go if you're selling your home. Bob was always there and responded quickly to any questions. Process was easy and I saved thousands! I highly recommend!!
Laura R.                         Webster, NY          10/15

We had a great experience with Bob who helped us navigate and "How To Sell Our Home" on his web site. We are seniors and not very savvy when it comes to using the internet and he walked us through the whole process from beginning to end with no problems at all. We were able to sell our home and saved $5,596.00....$$$$- Now how's that for a walk in the park ! Personally I don't know how Bob makes any money charging so little to list your home on his web site as he sure spent a lot of time with us, and he was always available I don't know how he gets any sleep! Don't be afraid to sell your own home using Bob's help when you can save that kind of money. All we had to do was show the house when someone called. Now if you sell it yourself you pay nothing at all. You can't beat that and you can trust Bob and his web site - no hidden monkey business with him, and we of course highly recommend Bob and his web site. Good Luck folks with your sale... We sure are enjoying that extra $5,596.00 right here in Florida!!!!
Brendan & Sheila Kelly      Canisteo NY          10/15

Wonderful experience from beginning to closing using the flat fee service. Bob is unbelievably responsive and extremely helpful throughout the process. Website and materials were clear and user friendly. Sincerely appreciated all of his efforts and strongly recommend.
L. Moore                          Fayetteville, NY        9/15

Hands down the BEST way to sell a home. Saved us a boatload on commission while still getting realtors to show our home and getting us FULL exposure on MLS! We got a above list offer within 7 days of listing. Mr. Piazza was helpful, courteous and always followed through on everything he promised. I would definitely use him again and recommend him with the highest regard.
C. Garvey                       E. Amherst, NY          9/15

Mr. Piazza was highly responsive to my sale needs. His advice and suggestions was tremendously helpful during the whole sale process. The online signup and completion of forms made it very easy to get the house sale stated and completed. Mr. Piazza was there the whole time during the sale process. Most important his Real Estate firm saved me thousands of dollars and the house sold in 5 days.
Herm B.                              Niagara Falls, NY         9/15

Hello Bob! We closed on the sale of our property today, and walked away feeling really, really good about the whole process. We are absolutely “sold” on the Flat Fee MLS Listing package that you offer. We felt fully supported throughout the process from the minute we signed up. Selling one’s home is a monumental occasion, with so many physically and emotionally draining moments. You made the business end of it seamless – and profitable! The savings realized from not paying a selling realtor’s commission is a huge win! We’ve told everyone about your services and hope that they too contact you and reap the benefits. Thank you again.
Susan and Al Biel
,                  Central Square, NY     9/15


Roland T.,                               Webster, NY             8/15


Bob's flat fee listing service is exactly what we needed. We sold our house in 17 days and saved thousands by not having to pay a 3% listing agent. Bob answers emails in a very timely manner and the information on his website makes the process less intimidating. I highly recommend Bob and his flat fee listing service.
Becky Tiernan.,                    Irondequoit, NY              8/15


Thank you so much Bob, you're the best. Really.....You  Are  The Best !!!!! We have given your name/ website to several friends who are thinking of selling their homes. We just can't say enough good things about you.... you are amazing and you must love what you do, because you are always there for us......and all of your many clients. 
Georgia L.,                           Youngstown, NY              8/15


Bob was a great coach and mentor. After we listed our house with him, our showings really picked up. We sold the house pretty quickly for a fair price.
Amy M.,                               Fayettville, NY                 8/15


We are very satisfied with the services received from Mr. Piazza. The flat fee MLS listing worked very well as we found a buyer for our home in less than 2 weeks. We highly recommend Mr. Piazza to anyone looking for a more affordable way to sell their home.
Tom & Sue Bokman,              Victor, NY                      8/15


We were very pleased with the service offered by Robert Piazza. Use of his service saved us time, money, and frustration. Bob provides everything needed to sell your home including signage, forms, and advice. He even took our phone calls over Memorial Day week-end. We sold our home within 3 days of the MLS listing and closed on the sale without any issues. We highly recommend Bob and his service through Northern Star.
Diane Fisher,                        Buffalo, NY                    8/15


I have two realtor friends who both offered to handle our selling listing at a discount. Instead I chose Robert Piazza and his Northern Star flat rate services based upon a neighbor's great experience with him the year before. I explored the FSBO services and am glad I chose Robert Piazza, as you get the best of all worlds: national exposure on all MLS sites, knowledge of the local markets, decades of realty experience, excellent and quick responses to my questions, and a low flat rate. Robert provided great guidance in setting the price in a changing market, advised on having the proper paperwork in order that saved hundreds of dollars at closing time, as was there every step of the way with feedback on my listing activities. Even though I selected to sell my investment on my own, I never felt I was alone in the process. Do yourself a favor, contact Robert Piazza and use his Northern Star services and save yourself thousands in the process. I HIGHLY recommend him and would use him again.
Tom G.                               Chili, NY                          7/15


"5 stars are not enough for Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty. Super, super responsive! I don't know if this guy sleeps. Bob showed sincere interest in helping in any way possible. He regularly offered his industry experience and was a great resource to bounce ideas and plans off of when we made marketing or pricing moves. I recommend him without reservation to others and will use his services again in the future. Best dollar I ever spent on Real Estate marketing."
Bruce Norman                     Saratoga, NY                   7/15


Very prompt in responses via email throughout the entire process. Even helped at closing when things got down to the wire. Received his name from a friend who also used him and had great success.
Lisa J.                               Ogden, NY                       7/15


Mr. Robert Piazza supported me in the sale of our home thru a flat fee MLS listing. The method he has in completing the required documentation for the listing on line is out standing. His approach makes it very simple for anyone with no real estate experience to sell their home. Mr. Piazza is responsive to questions and stays on top the home sale process. I contribute selling our home in 6 days at listing price to his outstanding support. I would do business with his agency again.
Herm & Vicky B.               Niagara Falls, NY              7/15


We listed and sold our home For Sale by Owner using Northern Star Realty Flat MLS service for Albany county.  Bob was a pleasure to work with answering questions, forwarding all buyer/agent leads directly to us, and the service reached multiple Realtor sites increasing our exposure to potential buyers. Northern Star Realty Flat MLS service is a professional and trustworthy company to do business with.  We are very happy that we selected you and your company to help us sell our home.  In today’s internet age this is the perfect service to list and sell your home by owner.  
Mary R.                            Albany, NY                        7/15


We are so glad we used the Flat Fee MLS program offered by Northern Star Realty. Bob Piazza is fantastic to work with and guided us through every step of the process. He assisted us when we received the offer on our house, which was great since we were nervous going through the process on our own. If you are considering selling your house yourself, you should definitely give Bob Piazza at Northern Star Realty a call. We saved more than $11,000.00 without the use of a traditional realtor.
Lisa S.                            Webster, NY                       6/15


I am happy to recommend Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty.  I utilized the low fee multilist service, and our home sold within one day of listing.  Bob was professional and provided quick and efficient service, and help when needed.  With a little extra work on our part, we saved more than $11,000 in commissions.  I would do it the same way again.
A Storch,                        Pittsford, NY                      6/15


Using Bob to sell our home was a great decision, we had several calls on our home within the first 24 hours that the house was listed. Bob was great to work with as he responded to all my emails/phone calls very quickly and answered all my questions giving advice wherever I needed it.  Bob was able to guide my husband and I when it came to dealing with potential buyers and their agents as he is very knowledgeable in this area.  Working in the real estate field myself I was unsure about using a Flat Fee MLS to list my house but Bob made the process so easy and I would recommend Bob and Northern Star Realty for anyone wanting to sell with ease!
Erin G.,                           Churchville, NY                   6/15


Outstanding services , super fast response to all questions , great knowledge of logistics of real estate transactions. Highly recommend!
Galina O.                         Pittsford                         6/15


We had our house listed on the MLS through Bob. He assisted us with all of our paperwork in a very timely manner. Our showings greatly increased and we were able to sell our home!
Lynn O.                           Irondequoit, NY            5/15


I found Bob on the internet while researching Flat Fee MLS listing services.  I could not have been more pleased with my decision. I never met or spoke to Bob in person however he always answered my emails promptly and I was even more pleased that the first week I was listed I had four people look at my house.  By virtue of Bob's services I sold my house within a month.  Bob walks you through everything and answers all of your questions.  This service saved me 3% commission. Thanks Bob!
John P.                          Attica, NY                    4/15

We recently used Bob’s Flat Fee MLS service to sell both our houses so we could purchase a house together.  Bob’s service and support saved us almost $8000 in realtor fees.  If you’re willing to show the house yourself and take the calls from prospective buyers, I would highly recommend using this service to list your house.   Bob’s customer service was outstanding and made the process of selling both houses super easy.  With the number of buyers using online services like Zillow and Realtor.com, having your house listed in the MLS is all you need to get buyers to look.  We would never use a full service realtor to sell a house again thanks to Bob’s service.

Mike and Kelly,                   Webster, NY         4/15


Bob has been absolutely terrific. He is always very responsive. He is very knowledgeable about the area and current market conditions, and he offers helpful advice. I have worked with him a number of times using his paid listing service. You may think paid listing is a do-it-yourself sort of thing, but with Bob, beyond the listing and exposure on many venues, he is there to help you through the entire process. I highly recommend him!
Larry T.                             Rochester, NY         3/15


"We were looking for a flat fee listing broker to sell our property and we chose Bob with Northern Star Realty. Bob readily answered any questions we had (and I had quite a few !) offered suggestions and his "Seller's tools" to assist us in the sale of our property. We would highly recommend Bob and his services to anyone who would like to save BIG money by using a flat fee broker and we would use him again!
Karen & Marty H.               Greece, NY            3/15


Bob helped us list our house on the MLS, which was a huge help in selling it. He was extremely helpful and professional every step of the way. His service is a great investment in selling your home.
Sam Picard,                       Rochester, NY        3/15


Anyone wanting to sell your house in Western NY, I recommend this guy (Bob Piazza). You don't have to hire a full service agent, he will give you the best advice possible, not to mention the savings. I've used Picket Fence in Vermont (FSBO-style magazine) and this service. I prefer this one as you get a bit of support from a licensed broker. But it's a flat-fee so you are in a bit of control as well as to how you want to sell your property. Highly recommended!
Andy Foster,                     Macedon, NY      3/15


"We have worked with Bob Piazza over the past fours years and have quickly sold two different homes. Bob is excellent to work with, he is knowledgeable and attentive. Offering the Flat Fee MLS Listing Service makes a seemingly overwhelming task become uncomplicated and effortless. Thank you Bob, we recommend you to everyone!"
Lori R.                             Canandaigua, NY     3/15


If you're selling a house in Western NY, Robert Piazza is the way to go. Northern Star handles the paperwork and you show your home. Had many agents contact me and Bob was there if I had any questions.
Dave C.                           Hamburg, NY           3/15


I was hesitating to sell my home on my own with my wife however I connected with Bob Piazza and the process was easier than I have ever imagined. I had a conversation with him and within a few hours my home was listed on the mls and I was receiving calls and sold the house within 2 days. Any questions that I had during the process were answered immediately via email. I have already referred him to other people and would use him again without any hesitation.
Dave P.                           Spencerport, NY        3/15


Bob, I just wanted to send a quick note to you regarding our transaction together. Having you list my house for sale in Chili was the best decision I could have made. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I never tried to sell a house for sale by owner. Thanks for being so helpful and easy to work with. There were a few times when you would send me reminders about some things that I would have over looked or forgotten. I would comment to my wife " Bob actually cares if I sell this house". You didn't just get it up on the MLS and then disappear. Thanks for saving us money!!!
Dave F.                            Chili, NY                  3/15


We highly recommend Bob's Flat Fee Service. He was referred by our nephew who recently had successfully used his service. The first week we signed up with Bob he suggested we have an open house. Our open house was very, very well attended and by the end, we had 3 verbal offers which were backed up in the next week with written offers from all 3 buyers. Bob then helped us to evaluate and counter the offers and ultimately accept the best offer. Even though we were experienced with buying and selling homes, Bob's advice and services where invaluable throughout the process. 
Dave Benman,                  Manlius, NY            2/15


Bob Piazza from Northern Star Realty is truly amazing. I listed my home recently with his flat fee option and saved myself thousands of dollars!!! Bob is not only professional but caring and honest as well!!! He stayed on top of things and answered all of my questions anytime I had them. He was always quick to answer my call or email!!!! I have and will continue to recommend Bob to everyone I know!!!!! He is top-notch and no gimmicks!!!! 
Debbie T.                         Ogden, NY              2/15


I decided to sell my house on my own and in doing so I was referred to Bob Piazza. He was extremely helpful and provided me with much needed information. My house sold quickly and without the tools provides by Mr. Piazza my house would probably still be on the market !!! Thanks for all your help Bob.
Laurie Hart,                     Clay, NY                   1/15

Bob thanks for your help, it's a good service for a do it yourself person. Phone and email support were great. I would recommend it for someone who is willing to do the work even if they have never sold a house before. 
Jerry C.,                           Chili, NY                 12/14

I recently sold my house using
 Northern Star Realty. I would recommend using the Flat Fee MLS with Bob Piazza. He was responsive, answered all my questions, and gave expert advice. He followed through right to the end of the sale. Although this type of service involved work on my part, I found it rewarding in being directly involved and by saving money. I have already told my friends and family that this is a great way to sell a home and would be willing to talk with anyone who might be hesitant about using this service.
Connie C,                        Liverpool, NY           12/14

Bob, Thank you so much for providing this direct medium of service. Thanks to you, we saved thousands of dollars on list side broker fees. The real time capability of your site with respect to web forms along with your communication absolutely exceeded any of my expectations. I give you the highest possible recommendation and will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again.

Dave M.,                         Henrietta, NY    10/14


Robert Piazza's flat fee real estate sales is 100% legit. I just sold my house this past month. He puts your house on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, etc. I got calls from realtors and potential buyers almost everyday and was able to sell my house quickly. Bob was excellent with his advice and was prompt in answering questions. I have been recommending Bob to all of my friends. Do yourself a favor, use Bob and save yourself $3000-$6000 in realtor fees. 
Jeff W.,                           Penfield, NY           10/14


What a great service for anyone looking to sell their home quickly, but most of all cost efficiently!  Not only do you get your listing on the mls, but all the other sites that a broker would use to market your home. We saved thousands of dollars using this service and Bob was there to help with any questions we had. Thanks so much!

Stefen B.                     Clay, NY    10/14


Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty were instrumental in selling my father’s house without retaining a realtor. We’d had the home advertised on Craig’s List but hadn’t gotten much traffic. But, immediately upon putting the house on the MLS through Bob, we had increased phone calls, multiple requests for showings, and held two open house which brought in about 30 potential buyers! Bob was always accessible for questions and to help walk me through the selling process. He also provided invaluable insight and negotiating tips when we received two purchase offers simultaneously. I would definitely recommend Northern Star Realty and Bob Piazza for his professionalism and his cost-saving service for real estate clients. 
Nancy S.,                         Irondequoit, NY           10/14


My husband and I used Northern Star Realty to sell our house.  Our agent Bob Piazza was very knowledgeable and professional. He answered all of our questions and concerns. We made numerous calls that went directly to him.  If he wasn't available to answer the call, he immediately got back to us.  Thank you Bob for helping us sell our home using the MLS system with just a flat rate and no realtors fees.
Connie and Jack C.,              Cicero, NY     10/14


I would recommend Bob Piazza without hesitation. I was worried that selling my house would be difficult without a traditional realtor, but Bob put my mind at ease. He answered my email/phone questions in a quick, professional manner. I sold my house in less than a week for $1900 less than listing price. If I had listened to the one realtor I consulted, I would have listed for almost $5000 less and would have paid an additional 2.5% in commission. Bob saved me thousands of dollars!
Ed Regan,                           Tonawanda, NY      10/14


Bob was very responsive and provided immediate assistance and understandable explanations about his for sale by owner/MLS listing service. Having not gone through the process of selling my home on my own before, Bob made it seem easy, as if I had done it a thousand times before. He is readily available to address your concerns as needed, no long wait time to establish contact. I sold my house within 3 weeks of obtaining Bob's services. I recommend giving his service a try and I highly recommend Bob.
Barbara W.,                         Cicero, NY            9/14


Great working with Bob, he made the process so easy and seamless.  He was always checking in with us to see how things were progressing or to see if there was anything he could do to assist us further. He answered any questions we had and responded quickly.  I would refer anyone selling their house to him.
Aaron Ryder,                       Syracuse, NY         9/14


I sold my house on my own and saved on the broker commission. Bob was easy to work with and very responsive. He gets it listed right away and any changes that need to be made are done almost instantaneously. Incredible service !
Jared Roth,                         Victor, NY             9/14


Working with Bob has been wonderful as he gets back immediately and his knowledge of the local market helped us sell our house in 1 week. Whenever I had a question he was there and he also was a good coach on how we should present the property. I will use ONLY Bob for selling and buying a house!
Rick K.,                             Williamson, NY       8/14


I really believe in Northern Star Realty for selling. I had no problem representing myself for open houses and showings. Your willingness to assist along the way was extremely valuable. Being able to sell the home myself enabled me to take much less of a loss than I would have being represented by an agency. If you are willing to do a little work yourself, this is the way to go and many, many people that came through my open houses liked the fact that the owner was there to answer questions about the house.
Rick Youngs,                      Greece, NY            8/14


Bob was very responsive and helped guide us through the process of selling our own home. He listed our house with a flat fee MLS listing. We highly recommend his services.
Ken G.,                              Rochester               8/14


Northern Star Realty was an excellent fit for us.   We sold our house the first week it was entered into the MLS.  We saved a lot of money and had a great experience.  Bob answered any questions we had about the process thoroughly and honestly.  He also was very quick to add our house to the MLS. I would easily recommend Bob and Northern Star Realty to anyone in the area looking to sell their home.  
Rachel and Jim C.,               Penfield, NY          7/14


We just recently closed on our home on Seneca Lake with the help of Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty. Bob was always available to answer any questions we might have had, plus he got us as much, if not more, exposure on the MLS and other websites as any licensed Realtor could have. Most importantly, he saved us a 3% listing fee, which would have been approximately $13,000. We would highly recommend Bob Piazza and his services.
R & K Gates,                       Geneva, NY          7/14


I am proud to highly recommend the services of Mr. Piazza. An economic down turn in our area had forced a number of owners in our condominium to sell for less than they paid for, but we had to vacate our condo and move out of State, so we decided to go for a flat fee listing service to cut our losses. We were very hesitant at first because most people will tell you that flat fee services only work out when the owner is physically present for the showings. Not true. To our amazement, Bob provided much more than an MLS listing; he guided us through the entire selling process. His advice to us was always on target; thoughtful and wise. He provided valuable insight during tough spots in the negotiations, was always prompt to answer questions, and we always felt he had our best interest in mind. By partnering with Bob, we were able to not only sell our condo remotely, but do so very quickly and at the highest price on record for our condominium in years. We made a net profit when others were losing money. Regards, 
Ed A.,                                Amherst, NY        7/14


I was very satisfied with Bob Piazza's service. He was very accommodating when needed. We changed photos of the house several times and posted frequent open houses. Bob's service saved me thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend this service to anyone willing to put in the effort of selling their house on their own! 
Lisa G.,                             Greece, NY          7/14


"My fiancé and I used Northern Star Realty for the recent sale of our patio home in Baldwinsville. From the very start we experienced Bob's first class and prompt customer service because I accidentally paid for two services. Bob immediately responded to my email and refunded my money just as quickly. Throughout the entire selling process Bob was accessible as well as helpful - lending his years of market knowledge and expertise. I would HIGHLY recommend Northern Star Realty to anyone trying to sell their home by owner. For a small fee, relatively speaking, we gained exposure on MLS and all of the major websites. We were even able to track activity on many of the sites. My fee to Northern Star was one of the best investments I have ever made - it is a MUST for anyone selling by owner. "
Timothy J. DeBlois,              Baldwinsville, NY      7/14


Northern Star Realty provides sellers with the ability to save money when selling their house. In today’s world, the internet drives the real estate market and Northern Star Realty provides you with the ability to list your house on the MLS at a reasonable cost. Bob is very helpful and resourceful. We were very pleased with the service we received!
Kevin Hayden,                      Camillus, NY           7/14


Thanks to Bob Piazza/Northern Star Realty for saving me over eight thousand dollars selling my 2 homes. It was well worth the flat fee for his services.
Frank Abasciano,                  Ogden, NY             7/14


I recently sold my condo with the assistance of northern star realty . I first tried selling property on my own with no luck . Bob was a very helpful and always responded quickly with any questions I had through the process . It was a great learning experience and a big money saver . I highly recommend his service and would use it again without hesitation ! Thanks
Jeff Baker,                             Webster, NY         6/14


Northern Star Realty was very easy to work with.  All I had to do was fill in some paperwork and Bob did the rest.  I got calls the same day it went on the Internet and the house sold in three days with 7 offers.  I would definitely use Northern Star again.
Brenda L. Talbot,                   Kenmore, NY         6/14


I would definitely recommend Bob Piazza to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home and wants to save some money. We sold our home in less than 2 weeks! Bob was always available to answer our questions and give his advice. He made the process very smooth and easy for us.
Danielle & Zak Pienkowski,                Clay, NY     6/14


The exceptional service offered by Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty made the sale of my home nearly effortless.  We were able to save a significant amount of money, allowing us to break ground quicker on what will soon be our dream home.  Bob was always quick to answer the phone, and he made the entire process seem simple.  After our experience, I couldn't imagine selling a home any other way. Thanks again for making it so easy for us!
Patrick Nolles,                                  Clay, NY      6/14


If you are looking for a professional real estate agent, we highly recommend Bob Piazza!  From our first contact to closing, we appreciated Bob's enthusiasm, communication style, and expert advice when listing our home. His guidance on listing details really showcased our property, and, we enjoyed multiple offers over a few weeks time.  Most importantly, our place sold quickly and a great price. He helped usher us to closing through various pitfalls, and went above and beyond what you might expect with any other broker service, flat fee or otherwise. His responsiveness was supremely impressive and really helped take the pressure and stress to sell our house out of the process.
Tim Condon,                                    Victor, NY      5/14


Bob, We thank You again for your input, updates and advice. We feel that your service was valuable in selling our home and our confidence in your company is evident by our second time using your services. Thank You.
Tony and Joanne Ventura,                 Penfield, NY      4/14


We were just about to try to list our house ourselves and a good friend of mine recommended using Northern Star Realty. I’m so glad that I took her advice because I couldn’t have been more pleased with the flat fee MLS listing service. Within one day of calling Bob, the house was listed and we were immediately getting calls. He had a sign made and delivered to us the very next day. Bob is very knowledgeable and professional and he was always available by phone or email to answer our questions and offer assistance. He made a point of checking in with us throughout the process to see how everything was going. We ended up attracting a buyer without an agent and saved $12,000.00 in real estate fees. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who is willing to show their own house and I would not hesitate to use Bob for our future real estate transactions.  
Carl & Jill Zizzo,                                Webster NY        4/14


"When we decided to put our house on the market I was referred to Bob's site.  I found his site to be user friendly and fast.  Bob was quick to respond to my emails, texts and calls. Most of all I saved over $6000!
Angela L.,                                       Conesus, NY         1/14


"Just sold with Northern Star Realty for the second time. Selling a home with a flat fee MLS listing gives you exposure that selling just on your own can never ever match, all while saving $$. An MLS number is the key to getting traffic thru your house. So long as your asking price is a researched market fair price and you have some basic understanding of the real estate market you will attract buyers quickly. Those buyers without agents will save you usually 5-6% in commission fees while those with agents 2.5-3%. In either case it's a win win situation, it gives you better pricing range to negotiate and it's definitely worth a try. I will definitely use Northern Star Realty again."
Dalibor S.,                                       Hamburg, NY       1/14


"Hi Bob, I wanted to let you know that we finally had our closing on Thursday! Thank you for all of your help and support the past couple of months. I have already recommended you to a few friends and think it's a wonderful way to sell your home...I'm so happy that we saved so much doing it this way! :-)  All the best,"
Theresa A.,                                     Syracuse, NY       1/14


"Using Northern Star Realty to list our cottage was a breeze. Bob was very attentive and responded almost immediately whenever I asked a question. He had all forms available to us, and provided a sign. We were able to save approximately $7,500 in commissions we would have paid to list it with a realtor! We would definitely use this service again!"
Jackie V.,                                      Chautauqua Lake, NY      12/13


"Bob thank-you for the help, Would do it again in a heart beat and would recommend your service to those who were willing to do the necessary leg work. You were more responsible and professional than the majority of "' pro realtors" who I opened up to show my property which only confirmed and fortified my decision not to go with a listing agent. Thanks again"
Rod R.,                                         Chili, NY           11/13


"Bob provided an excellent approach for anyone that would like to be able to sell their home on their own and also have the support of the area realtors. His web page is well organized and the important information needed is easily available for review. Bob responded quickly to all my questions and made changes when I requested in a timely manner. Getting the information into the formal Multiple Listing System at a very low cost provided the needed exposure to get the house sold. Thanks Bob for your cost effective approach."
Tom K.,                                        Penfield, NY         9/13


"We were very pleased with the fast, easy and convenient MLS service. The house was on the market for only 1 day when we received an offer that we were able to negotiate into a closed sale of the property in very short order, and we saved alot of money in the process. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to sell their house in this area." 
Rick L.,                                        Greece, NY          9/13


"Just wanted to say that in the grand scheme of things finding Bob was God send.  I don't believe in coincidences. We had mistakenly gone with a Realtor we knew, thinking that a Realtor was a Realtor... wrong! After months and months of our house being "on the market" and hardly any showings, after extension, after extension, and price reduction after price reduction, we finally "fired" our Realtor and signed on the dotted line with Northern Star Realty.  Wow... Was that the right decision.  With in a couple weeks we had 2 full price + offers. We were very happy.  At first I was not sure I felt comfortable showing" the house. Then I realized that most people "buying" a house have a Realtor.  So I really only was working with our "buyer's" Realtor.  There were several times that I did end up showing the house, but most of the time it was only working with an agent so people could come see the house.  We used a lock box and I would look up the Realtor on the internet to be sure they were active and licensed before I gave the lock-box code if we were out of town.  It was no problem.  I have already recommended Northern Star Reality to several of my friends who have needed to relocate due to employment and I would heartily recommend them to anyone needing to sell property.  Bob was very professional and answered all my questions and concerns very patiently.  I could not have asked for more and our house sold quickly and for our price. Yea...!!!"
Jo & Jim A.,                                 Barker, NY          8/13


"Your “Flat Fee” service works great! We were able to get our house listed on the MLS quickly and affordably. We sold our house in (4) days from listing! Bob was a great resource in reviewing contracts and helping us avoid potential pitfalls prior to closing. With this service we were able to save money on the sale of our house and help with the cost of buying a new home. I would highly recommend Northern Star Realty and the Flat Fee MLS service!" 
Shawn M.,                                   Amherst, NY        8/13


"I tried to sell my lake property for 6 months on my own and had little success. Early in January Bob contacted me about listing in the $395 MLS package. I did see that I was getting some activity with the weekly status reports on views of the property. Bob was was very prompt with any questions I had. I highly recommend his MLS listing service." 
John W.,                                      Wayland, NY        8/13


"Thanks very much to Bob & Northern Star Realty for the excellent service and the savings of almost $5,500 dollars in commissions. It was well worth the $395 to be my own lister."
Frank A.,                                     Gates, NY             8/13


"Bob, we wanted to thank you for the service you offer.... while we knew that we would have a good chance to sell our home on our own, getting the exposure on the MLS was key to the having it sell so fast. We would do it again the exact same way! You were a helpful resource to us and guided us through the process. We will be spreading the word about your fine service to all our friends and family. Thanks again!"
Lianna & Steve B.,                        Ogden, NY           7/13


"Bob, purchasing the Flat Fee MLS Program was a remarkable experience. The exposure to the numerous real estate web sites was the same as if a full service Realtor had listed my property. I had an offer on my home 6 hours after it hit the MLS listings. With the buyer's having their own realtor we only paid 3% commission instead of 6% percent. I would definitely use your flat fee program again in the future."   
Guy P.,                                       Greece, NY           7/13


"Bob, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your agency and your service. With your flat fee service I saved 6% of $125,000 or $7,500 in Listing and Buyer Real Estate Commissions. I sold my house as a result of one of two open houses you set up for me in the MLS listing. I would also like to say that your extremely quick turnaround in loading our information into the system and announcing the open house dates was most appreciated. Your attention to detail was critical to our success. Anytime we called for advice we had a wonderful experience. I honestly do not know why anyone would ever pay 3% to list their house for sale when they can partner with you for a nominal flat fee. Your service is great and we feel fortunate to have found you. Thanks for everything you have done for us!"
Valerie J.,                                   Syracuse, NY         7/13


"Our experience with Northern Star Realty was absolutely wonderful. Not only does Bob help and advise throughout the whole listing and sale process, but his services are comprehensive and not misleading as with many other flat fee agents. I would recommend Bob without a doubt to my friends and family. There is no better price for the type of service and support you will receive. Thank you Bob!"
Pamela J.,                                 Pittsford, NY            7/13


"Bob & Northern Star Realty has been a tremendous asset to me regarding the sale of my two homes - I was able to save a lot of money by listing with Bob, but was still able to get solid real estate advice from a professional with many years of experience! Bob was more than happy to answer any questions that I had (and I had many!) and also followed up with me throughout the process. I have been 100% satisfied and will be recommending him to my friends."
Rosemary A.,                            Chili, NY               6/13


"I highly recommend using Northern Star Realty to list your home.  We saved thousands of dollars in real estate commissions and had numerous showings of our town home in Fairport.  It sold with no problem and Bob Piazza was always available to assist me if I had real estate questions.  It was an easy process and we were able to list our home on the MLS and had a lot of showings even though we did not have a realtor.  I am very happy I used a flat fee service especially one that was local and offered me very high customer service.  Bob is very expereinced in real estate and was always there immediately to assist me in anyway.  Thank you Northern Star Realty!!"
Jenny W.,                                 Fairport, NY         6/13


"The flat-fee program offered by Northern Star Realty is easy to follow and results in huge savings to the seller!  Bob is extremely helpful and professional through every step of the process and makes himself readily available via phone or email for guidance and advice. This program takes the intimidation out of selling your home yourself and really makes the whole selling process seem simple.  I wouldn't sell a house any other way! Thanks Bob!"
Christina S.,                              Gates, NY          6/13


"Bob, I would like you to know I am delighted with you and the flat fee listing service you provide. I was initially impressed with your website and how clear you explain the process. Selling my townhouse totally commission free 3 days after you listed it on the MLS was amazing. You took all of my calls for advice, I followed it and saved $9,800.00. The entire process went very smoothly with no surprises. Your customer service is second to none!  Thank you for everything!"
Tom S.,                                    Baldwinsville, NY      6/13


"My mother had decided to sell her house, I told her that there is no need to pay a full real estate commission. She had just recently finished alot of updates and that the house would sell itself if it could just get the exposure. A friend of ours told us about Northern Star Realty and their flat fee MLS listing service, it worked great for us and saved my mom a ton of money. Thanks Bob."
Dan and Chris,                          Syracuse, N.Y.        5/13


"Northern Star Realty's flat fee MLS program has been a money saver for me! I saved $13,400, selling 3 homes. Bob is very knowledgeable and he will guide you through the process, help you determine your home’s value, and assist you in presenting your home in a professional manor.  Having Bob Piazza at your side is worth every penny of this program. Look no further if you want to save money and sell your own real estate, use “Northern Star Realty” , Thanks Bob!"
Joe B. ,                                    Rochester, N.Y.       5/13


"Hi Bob, our house closed with out any problems. My husband and I would like to thank you very much for all the help and support you gave us through the process of listing and selling. Your prompt responses to my e-mail were very much appreciated. I remember a time when I sent you an e-mail close to midnight and to my surprise you answered in a few minutes. I will recommend your services to anyone who are thinking about selling their home because it is a huge savings and great service by you. Once more thanks for all the help you gave us to sell our house." 
Regina D.,                                Webster, NY            4/13


"This is the second time I have used Bob Piazza's Northern Star Realty paid listing service, and there will be more. He helped me determine the market value of a condo in an area I hadn't invested in before. He encouraged me to stick with my price when I considered dropping it and I had my offer the next week. Thanks Bob! Bob is responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. It is not just the listing in the MLS. Take it from a professional.  Go with Bob."
Larry T., Parkway Homes LLC,           Churchville, NY      4/13


"We were 1st time home sellers to-be this last fall, and we considered selling our own home. We found out about Northern Star Realty (Bob Piazza) and liked the sound of his program.  Bob walked us thru the picture process, hints on the write-up, and his knowledge gave us the confidence we needed to tackle this job ourselves.  I will say the best part about working with Bob is that HE ALWAYS ANSWERED HIS PHONE.  When we had questions, he had answers and fast.  We sold the house in 2 months!  Thank you for all the help, Bob.  If we need to sell again, we will be calling. (and probably will have fewer questions!)" 
Gerry M.,                                     Avon, NY         3/13


"Bob Piazza is a top-notch real estate professional.  He is extremely knowledgeable about the Greater Rochester real estate market and is very responsive to his clients’ questions and requests.  Bob offered me good advice regarding the listing price of my home, and my house sold quickly, as a result.   I highly recommend Northern Star Realty!"
Tonya F.,                                     Irondequoit, NY       3/13


"Everything you need from a Realtor - Bob Piazza covers! After he puts you on the MLS and all the national websites, he goes onto insert your ever changing open houses, and wording copy changes. Questions? ASK HIM and he gives specific solid answers. Then when you get an offer he'll give advice to countering and dealing with Buyers. Total Professional from Beginning to End!"
Daryl P.,                                       Baldwinsville, NY      3/13


"We would like to extend our gratitude to Bob Piazza for his assistance in helping us to sell our home. We owned a home on Lake Ontario and attempted to sell it by listing it with a conventional realtor. We had to adjust the price upward to help to cover the traditional six percent commission. It was listed for six months and we were not able to find a buyer. We knew that we needed to price it right in order to get it sold. By listing it using a "flat rate" we were able to price it more competitively. We saved over eight thousand dollars by not having to pay a listing commission and the house sold. Bob did exactly what he promised to do. Phone calls and emails were answered promptly. If an agent or a prospective buyer contacted Bob, he referred them directly to us. We recommend Bob without reservation."
Cathy & Scott S.,                          Hamlin, NY              2/13


"Bob is a great business person and one people can trust. In the world of real estate you couldn't ask for a better guide, mentor, and broker. I've recommended him numerous times and he's never let me down."
David A.,                                        Spencerport, NY      2/13


"I was very satisfied with listing my home for sale by owner through Northern Star Realty. Bob helped me out every step of the way and was available for phone calls to answer my questions. I have been recommending to my family and friends to use this service for the sale of their homes."
Christine E.,                                  Pittsford, NY             2/13


"This is the second time I've used used Bob Piazza's MLS Flat Fee program to sell a house I was "flipping." Just like the first time, I found it to be the only way to go. The price is right and Bob is always available for advice if you need it. It results in a much quicker sale than just trying to list it yourself and not put it on the MLS. I saved over $5,500 in commissions this time around. Thanks again Bob!"
Rob T,                                          Greece, NY           12/12


"Having less than successful results from originally listing my house with a traditional broker,I was referred by a friend to work with Bob Piazza and his Flat Fee MLS listing program. With his help, assistance and direction, I was able to find an able buyer at a significant reduction in realtor fees. His quick response to any questions that arose made the whole process more enjoyable. I've already referred another couple to him and they've already sold their house in a rather short period of time. Rest assured that I'll recommend his services to others in the future."
Larry C.,                                       Buffalo, NY          12/12


"Bob, It was a pleasure dealing with you. Your guidance was helpful, even to one with a legal background. Your prompt response to every one of our questions was most appreciated. At no point did I ever feel that we were at a disadvantage in this transaction and have felt very comfortable recommending both you and your method to our friends that have asked. Since our experience is that the buyers' broker is the source of the potential buyer (rather than our own broker), we were pleased to save half of the normal commission."
Lou & Marie H.,                             Buffalo, NY           12/12


"It was a pleasure to work with Bob.  He made the whole paid listing process easy.  He was very prompt in getting my home listed, making adjustments when asked, and responding to any questions--providing knowledgeable tips and advice.  I've already recommended him to others and will definitely use him again."
Larry T.,                                        Greece, NY           11/12


"We felt Northern Star Realty was perfect for our needs.  We were comfortable selling by owner but really wanted the advantage an MLS offers.  Bob was so helpful with all of our questions.  He either answered when we called or called back the same day.  When I called to go over our offer he already had it and had reviewed it.  He pointed out things we did not have a full understanding of.  I was very impressed with Bob's knowledge and prompt attention to our needs.  Pay attention to his tips!  I felt he gave us the confidence to sell by owner.  By the way, our house sold in 2 weeks!"
Sherri & Joel C.,                            Webster, NY           11/12


"Bob and his knowledge of the market really helped me out. The sale went quick and smooth. I would definitely recommend Northern Star Realty, and I will be using them again in the future."
Pat S.,                                          Greece, NY           11/12


"Bob - I can't begin to tell you how helpful your services have been to me in selling my cottage in a difficult market. Because the price of vacation properties has been depressed, I chose to sell my lakefront property myself and "take less of a financial hit" that I would have had I paid the traditional realty commission. I would not have been able to generate the interest and traffic without having the property listed through you on the MLS. The regular reports were very helpful, your guidance throughout the process was invaluable and your patience much appreciated. It is with certainty that I can say I would look to you again should I venture forth again in the real estate market. Thank you."
Lynette L.                                      Silver Lake, NY        11/12


"I worked with Northern Star Realty to list my house on the MLS system and sold the house very quickly.  The forms were simple to use and overall a very simple process.  I was able to save 3% in Realtor fees by only paying the 3% finders fee.  That said, the exposure could help you find a buyer on your own and you save the entire Realtor commission less the listing fee ($395). I would recommend this service to any friends listing their homes."
George K.                                      Greece, NY         10/12


"Bob, we finally closed this house!!! It was a unique property and a tough market so I guess it was not a real surprise that it was hard to find the right buyer. Anyway, I just want to thank you for all the time you spent with me working on strategy and giving me what turned out to be very solid advise. I think it was what made the difference. Your service has great value! When we go to sell this house we will definitely use you again. Thanks again,"
Chris & Christina,                            Fairport, NY       10/12


"Bob thanks to you and Northern Star Realty for your help in selling my house. You were a solid resource throughout the selling process. You answered all my questions and provided me with the advice I needed that assisted me in selling the my house. Thanks again."
Brian W.,                                        Syracuse, NY      10/12


"Bob, just wanted to send my appreciation for your assistance in selling our home.The flat fee service you provide is exactly what I needed in this market. The savings allowed me to competitively price the home. A win/win for both the buyer and seller. Most importantly, I was impressed with your prompt and thorough responses to all of my questions. Best regards," 
Mo S. ,                                           Ontario, NY         10/12


"Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty offered me an excellent experience when I recently sold my home. If you are willing to put in a little bit of work, you will realize a great savings by using Northern Star Realty. Bob was always available to answer my questions so I never felt like I was totally on own in selling my house. You get the best of both worlds - an MLS listing with the guidance of a licensed real estate professional without the completely unnecessary fees charged by the normal full service realtor."
Sameerah B.,                                   Henrietta, NY.         9/12


"We sold a home with Bob Piazza of Northern Star Realty and are very pleased with the entire process. Bob made himself readily available with expert advice, tips, blank forms... basically everything needed. We had our house listed for less than 2 months and saved over $15,000.00 in realtor fees! Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back. Do your research and call Bob."
Mike R.,                                          Canandaigua, NY         9/12


"I couldn't be more pleased with the support and services I received from Northern Star Realty. In today's tough real estate it is crucial for sellers to retain as much of their hard-earned equity as possible. "For Sale By Owner" with the added boost of a great flat-fee broker like Northern Star Realty gives the seller terrific exposure in the market and cuts the typical real estate commission almost in half. It will be the best investment you ever make!"
Wendy H.,                                       Clay, NY          8/12


"We recently listed an income property in Webster and needed a boost to get interest going. Bob and Northern Star Realty came to the rescue with MLS. Thought it would be a huge process but it was very simple and fast. Bob gave great pointers and helped with each step. We provided the pictures and some details and Bob made it sound like a very marketable property. He provided comps to get us headed toward a realistic selling price, as well as follow-ups during the entire process. We have already referred his services and will use him and Northern Star Realty again in the future!"
Katie O.,                                          Webster, NY         8/12


"We sold our home in three weeks using the flat fee listing from Northern Star Realty. We had a total of 17 people come through on the first weekend open house and another 12 on the second. There were also appointments to see our home almost every night. Bob has also been great in helping us once we received our offer. He even hounded our buyers' attorney when closing got delayed. Thanks to Northern Star Realty!"
Steve & Yen,                                     Henrietta, NY         8/12


"Just sold with Northern Star Realty even though my mom is a licensed agent somewhere else. Selling a home with a flat fee MLS listing gives you the exposure that selling on your own can never ever match, all while saving $$. A MLS number is the key to getting traffic through your house. As long as your asking price is a researched market price and you have some understanding of real estate market you will attract buyers quickly. Those without agents will save you usually 6% in commission fees while those with agents 3%. In either case it's a win win situation, it gives you a better pricing range to negotiate and it's definitely worth a try."
Dalibor S.,                                         Orchard Park, NY        8/12


"We are active real estate investors and purchased a property in Canandaigua to fix and flip. The property was located about 45 minutes away from where we lived and since I handle all our marketing, I was concerned about how to market the retail sale of this property once we were ready to sellI found Bob Piazza & Northern Star Realty in an online search and saw that he offered a flat fee MLS listing service. At $395, it seemed like a good way to get exposure to sell the house we just rehabbed.  I was not expecting much more than placing a listing; however, Bob exceeded whatever minimal expectations I had.  Bob went above and beyond not only to assist with submitting the listing correctly, but he assisted us with creating flyers for our open house, email updates of volume of web-views our listing had and consistently contacted us to touch base and see how our sales process was proceeding.  All this help for a flat fee!  I can only imagine the level of expertise and activity Bob would bring to the table for a full listing! I would highly recommend working with Bob in any capacity whether it be the flat fee listing service or his full Realtor service.  Bob is a true professional and we look forward to doing business with him again in the future.  Thank you Bob!"
Pam & Joe,                                        Rochester, NY         8/12


"Using Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty was the best decision we made during the process of selling our home. From the day I first called Bob our home was up on the MLS within 48 hours. Bob was extremely knowledgeable, fast and responsive to any changes that I need made. With Bob’s help our home was under contract within 2.5 weeks of hitting the MLS and all of this was done with only having to pay a minimal flat fee to list on the MLS. We saved at least 3% of our sale price by not having to pay a realtor to sell our home. I would recommend Bob to anybody who is willing to run their own open houses and host private showings. It will be well worth the 3% that you end up saving."
Joe D.,                                              Webster, NY         7/12


"Bob Piazza/Northern Star Realty provides a great service for those who might not need a full service real estate agent. Bob was responsive, informative and kept the process simple for me. He provided advice, viewing activity data and touched base periodically to see if assistance was needed in any way. I see him as a trusted advisor that provides a service with great value. I would use Bob's real estate services again without question."
Eric M.,                                             Irondequoit, NY             6/12


"For those with the common sense to realize they can sell their own property, the flat rate MLS service from Northern Star Realty is a great value.  It saved us thousands on our sale, and I would not hesitate to use this service again in the future. You get exactly what is advertised, and Bob is helpful and encouraging throughout the process."
Angelo & Laura C.,                             Palmyra, NY                 4/12


"Bob thanks for your help. We found it very easy to get the MLS listing with Northern Star when we decided to sell our house on our own. It worked out well, scheduling and showing the house at our convenience. The house was listed for 6 weeks before it sold."  
Steve C.,                                           Hilton, NY                     4/12


"Bob, Listing my home on the MLS with your service was one of the best decisions I have made in a while! The service, your support, and the resources made available to me saved me thousands – and most importantly SOLD MY HOME! Thanks so Much and plan to work with you in the future."
Lance M.,                                          Pittsford, NY                 4/12


"Bob, The closing was yesterday. Thank you so much for all your help & great advice! I have strongly recommended you to a couple of my friends who are thinking of selling, & will continue to do so. With much gratitude,"
Yanika,                                              Brighton, NY                  3/12


"Bob, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you for your assistance in selling my home. From the moment we signed the listing contract I encountered the highest professionalism, care, ehthusiam and passion in you and your site. Your suggestions, advice, and practical sense is exactly what I was looking for from your program. My home sold at a reasonable price in spite of the depressing economy. I would like to thank you and will definitely recommend you highly to my friends and family members. You may use my name and reference to any of your future clients. Regards,"
Anthony and Joanne V.,                     Penfield, NY                     2/12


" I decided to sell some land on my own, no realtor. I knew in order to reach more possible buyers I would need to list through the Realtors MLS. After researching the many choices on the Web, I decided to go with Bob Piazza at Northern Star Realty. What a smart choice that was. Bob was extremely easy to work with. He was also very helpful. He was always very attentive to my needs, updating my listing whenever I wanted. I have since sold my land ! If I decide to do this again, Bob will be the one I call. Thanks again Bob for all you did."
Kyle P.,                                           Scottsville, NY.         2/12


"This is the second time I've used Northern Star Realty's flat fee MLS program. Just like the first time, it was a piece of cake. Bob is always there to answer calls and emails. He checked in frequently to make sure everything was going well with the listing and sale. This time around, the buyer called after seeing the sign in the front yard of my property. I subsequently sold the property to this buyer. This means there was no buyer's agent! A SAVINGS OF OVER $7400.00!!! AWESOME!!! "
Brian B.,                                          Greece, NY          12/11


"Using the Flat Fee MLS Program with Northern Star Realty worked great for us! Bob made setting up our listing fast & easy and was always available should we have a question or need assistance. Bob made the whole process very simple and the results speak for themselves. The home is sold!!  Thanks for everything, Bob!"
Terri & Chuck,                                   Sodus, NY            11/11


"Bob, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Northern Star Realty, for the excellent service that you provided us in selling our home. The listing on the MLS really gave us the exposure needed when trying to sell ourselves. We have and we will continue to recommend you to anyone who is thinking of selling their home themselves. For the small fee, it is well worth the services provided. Once again, thank you."
Mike and Jinny G.,                            Greece, NY         11/11


"I recently closed on my house using Northern Star Realty. Bob was very helpful and had quick responses to my e-mails. I am very pleased with the process and its simplicity. I saved thousands taking this route and will not think twice about using Northern Star Realty again."
Diane H.,                                          Webster, NY          11/11


"I used Northern Star Realty's flat fee MLS program to acquire an MLS to get more sale exposure for my home. The program got my home on the major realtor websites and it definitely resulted in more exposure than the flyers I was putting up at work, craigslist and all of the other "for sale by owner" websites. I was surprised by how much it helped, I really think it is the best way to go if someone is going to sell a house without a realtor. An added bonus was being able to ask Bob Piazza questions whenever something unexpected popped up. This was the first time I ever sold a home and Bob of Northern Star Realty was a tremendous help. My expectations were exceeded and went far beyond what I expected from this flat fee program. I would recommend this to any of my friends or family. I really needed to get all I could out of my home sale and I was lucky to have found Northern Star Realty to make that happen."
Joe F.,                                             Rochester, NY            11/11


"I chose Northern Star Realty to see if I could sell my home myself. Bob performed a broker price opinion and determined what my home was worth . I Listed my home with him and sold it in 3 days. I saved $3,300. He was very helpful , very organized, and everything worked out great! Thanks Bob!"
 Annie Z.,                                         Chili, NY                    10/11


"Northern Star Realty was a perfect solution for me to save money, selling my home. Bob helped me with any questions I had during my listing as well as providing me with all the forms required to complete the sale. Anytime I had a question, he promptly replied. I saved $4,700 using Northern Star Realty. I highly recommend using Northern Star Realty for your Real Estate sales needs. "
Joe B,                                             Greece, NY                 10/11


"Bob, thank you for your flat rate MLS service. I just closed on my first house using it. It works well and as a contractor / flipper, it helps to enhance the profit margins. Also, thanks for doing the Comparative Market Analysis for me. Hopefully they will help me buy more properties right so I can rehab and list them with you too. Thanks again."
Fred C.,                                           Sodus, NY          10/11


"We wanted to sell our house ourselves but were worried we wouldn't do the process right and it would sit on the market longer than it should. When we found Northern Star Realty's website however, we felt confident about doing it ourselves. Bob's program offers way more services than other sites and he's a local agent. Bob answered his phone every time we called and gave us answers to all of our questions. It was a very pleasant experience. We had a buyer after our second open house and saved about $3,700 selling ourselves. We'll definitely do it again and will certainly recommend Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty's Flat Fee MLS listing program to others."
Tracy S.,                                        Chili, NY               8/11


"I recently sold my mother-in-laws condo in Webster and used Northern Star Realty to list on MLS. Couldn’t have been easier! I provided the pictures and copy, and Bob did the rest. He was very helpful on suggested selling price, as well as follow-ups during the entire process. His web site also has the portfolio of forms for buyer and seller to download, that was very straight forward. Great job Bob! I would use him again in a heartbeat. I’ve already got one of my friends using his service."
Rich C.,                                          Webster, NY         8/11


"We listed our home for sale this past February. In hopes of saving 3% of the total sale price, we used the flat fee MLS program offered by Northern Star Realty. The price was extremely competitive and met our needs. Having not sold a home before without a realtor, we were a bit anxious. Bob Piazza counseled us throughout the process. He answered emails promptly (we had many questions along the way) and reviewed the contract for us, which we received 2 months later. We are very grateful for his expertise and kindness."
Amy and John H.,                            Webster, NY        8/11


"We called Northern Star Realty after listing with local real estate and not meeting success. Bob spent a good deal of time explaining how we should go about selling our house on our own.  After receiving an offer Bob welcomed our questions about the appropriate procedures to follow and put the deal together. He is extremely knowledgeable of all aspects of this business and willing to share this expertise with his clients.  I would recommend his service highly to anyone interested in listing and selling their home. Thanks again for your help."
Bill/Renee M.,                                   Baldwinsville, NY        8/11


"We have already recommended Bob Piazza, Northern Star Realty to friends and business associates. Bob provided superior support to the sale of our home. Bob worked patiently and efficiently with us to get our home online and sold timely. We received a good offer the first week we listed with Bob. Bob consulted us thru the buyer’s process and was always available for questions or assistance."
Tom B,                                              Ontario NY             7/11


"Hiring Northern Star Realty was the best decision we made in selling our home. Bob was reliable, efficient, and thorough. Our home sold within one day of listing and Bob helped us every step of the way. We saved a lot of money and headaches in the process.  We would most highly recommend Northern Star Realty."
Peter and Siobhain K.,                       West Irondequoit        7/11


"I’m so glad that I found a local realtor with a Flat Fee MLS program. I was hesitant to use a large out of town/area Flat Fee service, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the level of service provided by Bob Piazza at Northern Star Realty! Phone calls and emails were always answered or promptly returned by Bob himself and not a staff member. If you want control over the sale of your property, but need guidance from an experienced realtor, contact Bob at Northern Star Realty and you won’t be disappointed!"
Paul L.,                                            Victor                         5/11


"I would recommend Bob Piazza at Northern Star Realty to anyone. His site was very comprehensive and he over delivered on every account. Bob's experience and hard work really shine through and because of that selling our home was quick and easy. We appreciate him and his services greatly and would without a doubt use him again and again. Thank you Bob!"
Katie S.,                                          Penfield, NY               5/11


"We were very pleased with the service from Northern Star Realty. Bob Piazza always had quick responses and was very knowledgeable.  There are no extra fees and all of the forms necessary for the sale are provided.  We already have and continue to recommend his service to others looking to sell their houses. Thanks for everything."
Mike L.,                                           Fairport, NY                5/11


"Using Bob Piazza and Northern Star Realty to list my home on the MLS was the best money spent. Within days of being listed I was receiving calls from people interested in viewing my home. Bob was always following up and making sure things were on track. The next home I sell will definitely be listed through Bob. Thanks a million."
Rob T.,                                            Clarkson, NY               4/11


"After retaining a well known real estate company in the Rochester area to sell my home during the summer of 2010 and experiencing less than impressive results, I decided to use the services of Northern Star Realty through Bob Piazza. Not only does Bob make it an easy process to list your property, he's accessible every step of the way to address virtually any & every situation one may encounter while selling their home. Bob simply provides you all the tools you need and in my case, I saved almost $10,000.00 in the process. An absolute "no brainer"."
Chris F.,                                          Fairport, NY                  4/11


We are so glad to have found the Flat Fee MLS program offered by Northern Star Realty! Bob Piazza is fantastic to work with! He helped and guided us through every step of the process, including consulting with us when we received the offers on our house. Bob's experience and knowledge where invaluable as we went through the steps to selling our home. If you are thinking about selling your house yourself, you should definitely give Bob Piazza at Northern Star Realty a call. You will be so glad you did!"
Christine and Robert,                       Victor, NY                      4/11


"Bob Piazza at Northern Star Realty provided outstanding service in assisting us with the sale of our home. He always responded very quickly to our questions and provided professional advice from determining our asking price to reviewing our first offer, which came the first day the house was listed on the MLS."
Peter & Karen,                                Webster, NY                    4/11


"Although I saved money using Northern Star Realty, equally as notable is the level of service Bob Piazza provided throughout the listing and sale of my property. Bob is accessible, knowledgeable, and honest. He provided me with a CMA and all paperwork required to list the property immediately upon signing up for the service. All emails and phone calls were quickly answered/returned. I was able to sell the property within a few weeks of listing it. Thanks Bob!"
Brian B.,                                         Hilton, NY                      12/10


"We saved over $9,000 and sold our house in less than a month! We would definitely recommend selling a house using this method!"
Rick D.,                                          Webster, NY                   12/10


"I recently sold my house with the help of Northern Star Realty. Bob was very helpful in answering all of my questions and walking me through the process of purchasing a flat fee MLS number. I would not hesitate to use Northern Star Realty in the future."
John G.,                                          Hamburg, NY                  11/10


"Bob,Thank you for the outstanding support you provided to us in our recent efforts to list (and successfully sell) our home. Your flat fee MLS offering was just what we needed and your prompt, professional updates and advice enabled us to position our home as favorably as possible in today’s very challenging market. I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone looking to sell their home." 

John G.,                                          Greece                            9/10


"Making the decision to sell by owner was easy, but the process is not! I never could have gone through it successfully without Bob's help. Using Bob as my "real estate consultant" turned out to be a great decision. He was extremely responsive, supportive and very knowledgeable. His advice and service was priceless to me. Not only did he assist me with the mechanics of selling my house, but also was there to provide guidance when I got my offer and walk me through all of the different steps. If you are looking for a partner in selling your home-- I highly recommend Bob Piazza & Northern Star Realty!"
Thanks again for everything.
Laura S.,                                         Rochester, NY                     8/10


"I have just concluded the sale of my property with Northern Star Realty and Bob Piazza. I could not have been more pleased. The property sold quickly and at a very good price. All the forms and information I needed for a successful listing were provided for me. Bob provided tons of support and helpful tips along the way. I never felt I was "in it alone". Any questions or concerns I had were answered quickly and professionally.  I would recommend Northern Star Realty and Bob Piazza to anyone." Sincerely,
Barr M.,                                           Kendall, NY                       6/10


"Using the "Flat Fee MLS" service with Northern Star Realty worked out really great for us. Bob was very helpful through out the process. Our house sold within 4 days of the listing date! There are no hidden fees and everything is explained on the web site. We were able to save a lot of money and I would highly recommend using his services."
Dale S.,                                           Brockport, NY                    5/10


Robert J. Piazza reviews


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